Volunteer Training Sessions

New Volunteer Training


International Welcome Center Conference Room

5781 Manchester Rd.  New Franklin, OH 44319






Are you interested in giving your time, gifts and skills to empower refugees?  Do you want to assist with the mission of the IWC but would rather help behind the scenes? Whether you can give 2 hours a month or 4 hours a week, there is a place for you alongside us!

This meeting is for new volunteers at the International Welcome Center.

We will discuss what our volunteers do and how they do it.  You will learn our perspective on helping and what sets us apart as a non-profit organization.  We will also cover how you can join us and what to expect as a valuable member of our IWC volunteer team.

Training is required in order to be an IWC volunteer.  Feel free to bring any family members, friends or acquaintances that are interested in volunteering with us.


Volunteer English Tutor Training

International Welcome Center Conference Room

5781 Manchester Rd.  New Franklin, OH 44319





Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start from scratch, with nothing in a country and culture that is completely foreign to you? While just trying to ensure your survival, you are taken to a new country.  How do you get a job? How do you go shopping? How do you make friends? How do you tell a doctor your symptoms?

As you can see, not knowing English in America is a huge barrier to doing anything!

Please join us as an English tutor at the International Welcome Center!

We are looking for anyone who knows English to give 1 hour a week to their time to 1 or 2 refugees.  You need a patient spirit, a cell phone for an app for listening skills for your student(s), and a car to get to the clients.  You need NO TEACHING experience.  Everything else is provided to you.

Basically, if you are willing, you are able!

This training will take approximately 1 hour.  

Welcome Team Training

A Welcome Team is a group of 4-6 people that joins a new refugee family from their arrival to America (Day 1) through Day 90.  This group helps them to get established in America and begin navigating their new life here.

To be on a Welcome Team, you must complete 1 onsite training and a self-paced online training.

1. Welcome Team Training

2. Introduction To Resettlement Training (online)

The Onsite Training is:  

Welcome Team Training

The training provides an overview of the International Welcome Center, reviews the responsibilities of a Welcome Team and informs team members of cultural competency/humility. It also equips volunteers with the tools necessary to carry out these responsibilities. This class is 2 hours long.

Welcome Team members and volunteer interpreters are required to attend a Welcome Team Training. The 2nd training in online and called Introduction to Resettlement.

The Online Training is:

Introduction to Resettlement Training:

This is training is completely online and sponsored by our affiliate, World Relief, that is taken at  the volunteer’s convenience. This course is free and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Instructions to access this class will be given at the Welcome Team meeting or you can visit World Relief’s website directly by clicking here.

People willing to be a part of a Welcome Team can attend the meetings as individuals or as a group.  It is not required to attend as a group, but highly encouraged.