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Empowering the foreign-born through faith, empathy, and service. At the International Welcome Center, we stand committed to embodying Christ’s love, forming purposeful partnerships, and nurturing a world where every soul, regardless of origin, feels valued, understood, and truly at home.

Impact in Numbers

From diverse refugee countries represented to the many individuals now proudly calling Akron home, our dedicated volunteers witness the transformative reach of the International Welcome Center’s mission in action.

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Fuel Our Mission: Every Donation Transforms Lives

The International Welcome Center operates at the intersection of faith, empathy, and intentionality, working tirelessly to create a welcoming haven for the foreign-born. Your generous contribution directly aids in bridging cultures, fostering understanding, and empowering individuals to begin anew with hope and dignity. By donating today, you become an essential partner in this mission, making a lasting impact on countless lives.


Years of Service
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Voices of Hope: A Refugee’s Journey

“As a refugee, my life has been filled with unimaginable challenges and hardships. However, despite the adversity, I am grateful for the safety of the United States and the assistance the International Welcome Center has provided me. Their compassion and support have given me hope for a better future, and I am determined to contribute to my new community to the best of my abilities.” – Joseph

Empower, Educate, Engage: Join Our Mission

The International Welcome Center thrives on collaboration and the collective passion of individuals like you. Whether you choose to support financially, expand your understanding, or actively participate, there’s a space for everyone in our mission.


Fuel transformative journeys with your generous contribution, making a direct impact on refugee lives.


Delve into the stories, values, and milestones that define our journey and the countless lives we touch.


Embrace our mission hands-on by volunteering, standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we uplift and empower the foreign-born.

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